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Breed Information on Australian Cattle Dogs
The Australian Cattle Dog is a breed specifically developed for our harsh conditions. It is a hardy dog displaying very few inherited structural defects.  They have a long active livespan and are ideally suited both to the heat of the tropics and cold chilly winters.

This handsome breed comes in four different colour varieties including:
blue (even shade of blue), blue speckled (white flecking through the coat), blue mottled (white spots randomly through the coat), and red speckled (white flecking through a red coat).

Australian Cattle Dogs are often mistakingly referred to as 'blue or red heelers'.  This is because they were originally developed as working dogs.  Today there are not many Cattle Dogs still working, the majority fill the role of family pet, guardian and companion.
Cattle Dogs are a medium sized dog that do not require extravagant feeding or much grooming.  They are ideally suited to a wide variety of lifestyle including singles, couples and families.  They are an extremely adaptable breed that will grow and learn with your direction.  They are very loyal and devoted to their owners and family.  Cattle Dogs are a sensible, balanced and intelligant dog when taught basic manners and obedience.
Cattle Dogs are our own TRUE BLUE Aussies, courageous, hardy, attractive and adaptable.  If you would like any further information we would be only too happy to answer your questions about our wonderful breed.  To contact us see above.