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Versatile and adaptable all-round dogs
This page is devoted to people who own our wonderful dogs and compete in dog sports or send us exciting action photos
demonstrating the great adaptability that our dogs possess.
The talented STAR going over the dog walk
in an Agility Competition
MAX performing for the camera.
Max has commenced his training as an
Attack On Command dog.
Max's trainer is an experienced Police Officer. 
Integral to Max's training is the ability to distinguish between a 'friendly' and 'unfriendly' stranger and to act accordingly to protect family and property.
This is one of the original purposes that the Australian Cattle Dog as a breed was developed for.
During his time off Max is a much loved family pet.
CHLOE the Stumpy Having lots of fun with her toys.
Stay tuned for photos of the dogs playing in our custom designed and built
with their tunnels, walks and spirit ball.