Agreement between TAGETARL KENNELS (hereafter abbreviated to
TK) and Purchaser/Client identified below

Pricing varies per litter and requirements plus any additional charges for transport (shipping) or kennelling a puppy past/over the age of eight (8) weeks or part their of. We are able to arrange transportation of puppy/dog at the prchasers/clients expense.

Purchasing Agreement: a $200 non-refundable deposit (if applicable) will hold the puppy/dog identified below, along with a completed order form.
If the puppy/dog is not paid for and collected or transported
within a reasonable time that has been agreed upon by both parties, TK has the right to sell, keep or re-home said puppy/dog. 

Collection or transport of puppy/dog will only be possible once the purchase price (if applicable), transport  and any other associated costs have been paid in full.
TK will not allow a puppy.dog to leave theri premises with a part payment of monies due or outstanding.  Following full payment  for puppy.dog, mew owner will recieve  a singed copy of this aggreement, puppy care manual, C3 vaccination card signed by a vererinarian. If none of these documents are offered to the client at the negitiation time then the puppy/dog remains the property of TK . If a dog is placed with a client for a trial  period of time (trial periods only apply to dogs over the age of six months), then client does not have ownership of dog at this time. 

Sale Age: Puppies must be a minimum of eight (8) weeks of age, will have one C3 vacinnation and a veterinary examination. Puppy will be wormed and completely weaned from it's dam (mother) and on solid food. Buyer will be provided with detailed care information at the time of collection/transportation.

Transport/Shipping: Is at the client's expense (unless otherwise negotiated). Puppies will only be shipped in airline approved crates. TK can arrange transport quotes and bookings. TK can make payment on client's behalf once money for shipping has been received from the client. TK assumes no responsibility for loss or injury during the shipping process as we have no control over this once the dog has been delivered to the airport.         

Health Guarantee: TK guarantees that to the best of our knowledge this puppy/dog is in good health. TK guarantees that this puppy/dog can be returned at the client's expense within five (5) days of purchase for any health problems (parasites not included) and the purchase price will be refunded. At no other time will purchase price be refunded. The buyer/client guarantees to take the puppy/dog to a veterinarian during the five (5) day period for a health examination and to advise TK of any problems immediately.

If a puppy is diagnosed after a five (5) day period with a life threatening congenital hereditary defect, the puppy can be returned at the client's expense to
TK and replaced with another puppy of equal value transported at the client's expense when one becomes available. A written and signed statement in detail of the defect from a veterinarian, who diagnosed the problem, must precede the return of the puppy. If a puppy dies, a full autopsy/necropsy at the client's expense must be performed to diagnose the problem. Full results must be sent to TK. At no time will TK replace a puppy that has been livin in a new home for more than two (2) months. This provides plenty of time for ant life-threatening congenital defects to appear. Client aggrees that after receiving puppy/dog TK assumes no responsibility for expenses of any kind.

TK has invested a considerable amount of time, effort and resources to establish itself as a reputable breeder that consistently produces top quality dogs. We are willing for others to share in our achievement by providing suitable people quality dogs to show and breed with. Such dogs are however, only sold to or placed with parties who value our hard work and are willing to work with us to ensure that our bloodlines are maintained and strengthened. TK will only offer dogs to like-minded people who have the betterment of the breed at heart and not profit or glory. TK guarantees that puppy/dog offered as a show dog will have no disqualifying breed faults as outlined in the ANKC breed standard.

Following condition apply to puppies/dogs specifically purchased from or placed by TK for showing or breeding:
1. All dogs offered by
TK will be consistently campaigned in the conformation ring by the buyer/client until such time as the dog achieves it's show Championship Title. TK assumes no costs associated with a dog being campaigned. This condition is in place because TK have in the past sold/placed very good quality dogs with parties who 'promised' to show the dog and in fact the dog was never shown at all. TK have very high standards when selecting a puppy/dog as show quality' and when we place such a dog into a home where it is to be shown we wish to ensure that this 'commitment' does in-fact occur.

2. The puppy/dog offered will remain in co-ownership with
TK until such time as it had achieved the title of Champion. Once this title has been approved TK will transfer ownership solely into the name of purchaser/client. Transfer does not apply to dogs in permanent co-ownership or leased, which shall forever remain in the ownership of TK.

3. No dog offered by
TK will be bred from (mated) until it has attained its Championship Title. This also includes stud services in the case of male dogs. If you do not intend to show but only breed from one or our dogs then we suggest you look elsewhere for your puppy. We do not offer our bloodlines to people who do not wish to promote our prefix in the show ring before they breed form it.

4. No dog offered by
TK shall be mated until it reaches a minimum age of two (2) years for a female and eighteen (18) months for a male. This condition will apply even if the dog has achieved it's Championship Title prior to this age.

5. No puppy whelped (born from) or sired by a dog holding the
TAGETARL prefix will be sold by the purchaser/client named below  with anything other than LIMITED REGISTRATION.

6. Only puppies from or by
TAGETARL dogs that are in the ownership or the purchaser/client  named below, and which reside at their residence and are under their care will be entered onto the main register.

7. All puppies/dogs by or from
TAGETARL dogs will be transferred to limited registration (if not already on the limited register) when sold or place by the purchaser/client named below.

8. No
TAGETARL dog will be allowed to service (mate with) any female dog not in the sole ownership of the purchaser/client named below, without the prior written approval of TK. If approval is given by TK, then buyer/client named below is obliged to ensure that the party intending to use the services of TK male dog, sign a TK Stud Service Agreement prior to any mating occurring. Signed Service Agreement will be in triplicate. Two (2) copies sent to TK (one forwarded to Canine Control), third retained by bitch owner. This is to ensure that dogs bred by TK are not mated to dogs of poor breed type or quality. And that all matings done will be with the intention of preserving and improving the breed. This is also to ensure that other 'parties' whom we deem unsuitable are not able to obtain TAGETARL bloodlines through deceptive means.

9. Buyer/Client agrees that puppy/dog will not be sold/placed by them without the prior knowledge and written approval of
TK. This also includes the leasing of any dog bred by TK. If approved, new owner will also be required to sign appropriate TK agreement. This stipulation is to avoid people unknown to TK ending up with one of our dogs. Or to prevent people TK have deemed 'unsuitable' obtaining a dog bred by TK through deception. In layman's terms, to prevent someone 'going through the back door' and obtaining TK bloodlines without our knowledge or approval.  

A copy of this contract will be lodged with the controlling Canine Body in which the purchaser/client resides. The purchase/client identified below hereby agrees that should they breach of the above conditions or terms outlined herein, that
TK will have the right to recover said dog/s from the purchaser. That the purchaser/client will willingly hand over said dog/s along with their official certificate of pedigree and registration signed over to TK, if and when requested by TK. Purchaser/Client is aware of the fact that if they breach any of the terms and conditions outlined herein, that TK will make application to the relevant Canine Controlling Body to have resulting litter/progeny deregistered.

Buyer/Client's responsiblity for the welfare of puppy/dog: refer to pet contract... as above
TK  endeavours to provide the buyer with the best possible dog within our ability. The outcome of this puppy depends on you the buyer. This dog can only be as good as the environment and training provided by you. We do want to know how your dog goes throughout its lifetime.TK has never talked someone into buying one of our dogs. We ask you to agree to the terms outline above if you plan to purchase or campaign one of our dogs. If you can not for any reason, then TK is unable to offer you a show/breeding dog. This contract constitutes a show of good faith and an offer to purchase. Buyer understands that said puppy remains the property of TK until such time as it has been fully paid for and shipped to or collected by the buyer. At any time and for any reason prior to this, TK can rescind this offer to purchase if they deem either the puppy or buyer to be unsuitable for whatever reason which may not be disclosed. If this occurs said puppy will no-longer be available to this buyer. As stated in the Trade Practices Act, "Deposit does not constitute nor guarantee purchase." TK reserves the right to cancel this agreement and retain or sell said puppy up until such time as the puppy leaves their care. Buyer/Client acknowledges that TK reserves the right to confiscate said puppy/dog from buyer/client or new owner at any time in the future if any conditions of this contract are breeched.

Details of Purchaser/Client
Name/s: ____________________________ Residential address: ____________________________
Postal address: ________________________ Phone number: _________________ e-mail: _______________
Particulars of specific puppy  offered to Purchaser/Client
Breed: __________ Date of Birth: ___________ Gender: ____________ Colour: ___________ Markings: _________
Sire: _________________ Dam: ________________ Registration number if available: ________________
Purchase/Placement Details
Agreed Purchase Price (if applicable) : __________ Deposit: ___________ Outstanding amount owing: __________
Agreed date of payment: __________________ Agreed date of collection/shipping: _________________________
Transport required: _______________ Quote for transport: ________________ Payment made: ________________

I/We the undersigned, have read and understand the contents of this agreement and acknowledge it to to a true and binding contract.
By the signing of this contract, I/We, do hereby agree and make absolute promise to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.
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TK representative ___ printed name of buyer/client here ____ name & address of witness ____
signature of 
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