Agreement between TAGETARL KENNELS (hereafter abbreviated to
TK) and bitch owner identified below

TK owner of the below named stud dog enters into this contract with the owner of below named bitch. All conditions and terms listed in this contract apply solely to the specific dogs named below. Any other mating/s will need to be re-negotiated with the agreement of both parties.

The following condition have been agreed upon by both parties as indicated by their signatures below.
1. Bitch owner agrees to provide TK with either electronic scan of original registration papers of bitch or to present original to TK prior to mating. TK will NOT offer the services of their dogs to any un-registered bitch.

2. Bitch owner must be a current financial member of the controlling canine body of the state in which they reside.

3. Bitch owner must supply photos or video footage of the below named bitch, prior to
TK agreeing to a mating, if the bitch is not already known to TK. This is to ensure that the bitch is of sufficient breed quality to be bred with, that she has no faults outlined in the breed standard and that she displays true breed type. TK may withdrawn the offer to mate if the bitch is deemed to be extremely timid or aggressive when inspected in person by TK. As the quality of the resulting litter will also reflect on TK we wish to ensure that any and all matings done are with the intention of IMPROVING or maintaining quality, not downgrading by mating to inferior specimens.

4. Bitch owner is to provide proof of current vaccination prior to mating.
TK guarantees to make every effort to contact Bitch owner before any veterinary care is rendered. However, owner agrees that in the case of emergency TK may render first aid or seek veterinary care if/when required.

5. Bitch owner is responsible for any and all fees associated with breeding including; vet. services, ovulation testing, shipping of bitch, kennelling fees if applicable.
TK will provide two (2) free days of kennelling on their premises.

6. Bitch owner guarantees that said bitch has not been in contact with any other male dog during the oestrus cycle.

7. Bitch owner agrees to pay
TK non-refundable service fee prior to any mating occurring. In the event that TK opts to choose a puppy from the litter as payment then service fee will be refunded when puppy is received. TK reserves the right to take their pick from all surviving puppies.

8. Upon payment of service fee and subsequent mating,
TK guarantees that the bitch will whelp a minimum of one (1) surviving puppy. In the event that the bitch does not whelp one (1) puppy, TK will provide one (1) free repeat mating to the same bitch. Bitch owner must pay any other costs associated with second mating. Should this bitch be transferred into the ownership of another party, or in the event of the bitch's death the offer of a repeat mating does not apply.

9. Bitch owner understands that TK will not sign Stud Service Certificate until all details of surviving progeny are entered onto the litter registration application; including all details of each puppy (name/gender/colour), whether each individual puppy is on the main or limited register and the names and addresses of all new owners.

10. Bitch owner agrees that upon presenting completed certificate to
TK that no information entered onto the litter registration will be altered at any time in the future for each individual offspring. That is, progeny can not be upgraded once individual papers are issued according to the litter application form. TK will retain a copy of original litter application.

11. Bitch owner agrees that only puppies retained in the ownership of the bitch owner or puppy provided to
TK as payment for service, shall be entered onto the main register. All puppies NOT retained in the ownership the bitch owner or transferred to the ownership of  TK are to be entered onto the limited register only. Any persons other than TK or the owner of the bitch wishing to purchase show/breeding dogs from this union are to seek prior written approval directly from TK. If this approval is granted TK will provide letter to this effect which will accompany request to transfer said progeny from limited to main register. Intending persons must also agree to sign and abide by TK purchase contract for Show/breeding dogs.

TK reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. All service fees are to be paid in full in the form of cash, cheque (made in favour of CM Beckett) or as electronic transfer if preferred by bitch owner. All fees must be paid in full prior to a mating being performed. It is specifically agreed that the Stud dog owners are not required to sign service certificate until such time as all stipulations in this contract are met.

Details of Bitch Owner/s
Name/s: ____________________________ Residential address: ____________________________
Postal address: ________________________ Phone number: _________________ e-mail: _______________

Details of Bitch to be mated
Registered name: _________________ Date of Birth: ___________ Colour: ___________ Markings: _________
Registration number: ________________ Registered Owner/s: _____________________

Details of Dog to be Studded
Registered name: _______________ Date of Birth: __________ Colour: ____________ Markings: _____________
Registration number: ________________ Registered Owner: ___________________:

Payment details for stud service
Agreed Service Price: ____________ total amount to be paid  prior to mating.
Date paid:________________  Amount received: _______________ Method of payment: __________________
Any other stipulations/requirements agreed upon: ___________________________________

I/We the undersigned, have read and understand the contents of this agreement and acknowledge it to be a true and binding contract. By the signing of this contract, I/We, do hereby agree and make absolute promise to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.

printed name/s of stud dog owner/s                    printed name/s of bitch owner/s           printed name & address of                                                                                                                                                                                 witness over 18 years of age

________________________________    ______________________________   ___________________________
signature/s of stud dog owner/s    dated       signature/s of bitch owner/s       dated       signature of witness       dated