Do you have anything available right now? Generally speaking,  NO. We are not a puppy mill or a pet shop and we are not a business.
We breed because we love our dogs and like to share this joy with others who buy our dogs. Our litters are carefully planned well in advance. The majority of our pups are sold to people on our waiting list. This list can very in length from a couple of orders to a dozen depending on if we have just had a litter. We can provide you with an approximate time-frame but this will also depend on your needs with regards to the purpose of the pup (pet or show), and the colour or gender you are looking for. This being said, we do occasionally have a few lucky people who phone or e-mail at just the right time and get a pup straight away. This usually happens if we have a prevalance of the same colour and gender in a litter. For example, we may have a litter of 6 blue males and only have 5 orders. If we do have anything available this will usually be posted on

How old are your puppies when you sell them? We do not place a puppy into a new home until it is a minimum of 8 weeks old. This allows time for the puppy to grow and develop naturally without stress and also have its first vaccination before it leaves our care.

What will i get with my puppy? All dogs sold or place by us are accompanied with ANKC papers (see below). They also are vaccinated and checked  by a veterinarian, wormed, micro-chipped for identification and fully weaned onto solid food. We will provide a sample bag of food to local and interstate clients. We also provide a detailed puppy care manual written by us and of course our free advice available at any time. For further information about our vaccinations see our CONTRACTS page.

What are 'Pedigree Papers'? This is layman's terms for the official ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) Certificate of Registration and Pedigree. These 'papers' will show all the details of the dog including; it's date of birth, colour, sex, and breed. As well as a three generation pedigree of the dog's ancestors and information about the breeder and owner of the dog. Official papers have the ANKC seal at the bottom right corner as well as a date that the dog was registered and the papers issued. It many also have micro-chip or tattoo numbers if the animal is identified in this way. If any of this information is missing then the document may not be genuine. Many untrustworthy people will try and sell a dog that they claim is 'pedigree'. Unless you sight official papers and the person is a registered breeder then they can not honestly make this claim. Bottom your homework and ask questions...only the breeder of a dog may apply for official papers.

What is the difference between limited registration and regular registration? In a nutshell, limited registration is for dogs sold as pets while regular registration is for dogs sold specifically for showing and/or breeding. A dog on the limited register can not have puppies from it registered and it can not be shown. Limited register dogs can however, still be entered in agility or obedience trials, which are the 'fun' dog sports. The breeder will elect which register each puppy is entered on. For more information on pedigree papers and what we offer visit our CONTRACTS page.

Why is a pedigree dog from a registered breeder more expensive than a backyard bred dog? Reputable experienced breeders invest considerable time, effort and money to ensure that their dogs are given the best possible care and that they are using the best quality stock to breed with.  They ensure that a puppy is given the best of everything. Our pups are wormed a total of 5 times before they leave at 8 weeks old. They are weaned and given 4 solid meals per day. They are vaccinated. They are loved and handled every day. They are kept in hygienic conditions. Our mothers are feed correctly while pregnant and while feeding their pups. Every attention is paid to health care and nutrition. We do not make a profit from what we do...we do not even factor our labour, time and effort into the equation because we do what we do for the love of our dogs! We also health test our breeding stock and puppies if necessary. For example one PRA test is around $200.

Compare this with a backyard or farm bred puppy that is whelped on the ground or in a shed/barn and thrown down a little food as it grows. It may be wormed once and possibly vaccinated. But is is certain that it would not have been diligently cared by experienced people, or socialised adequately to ensure it has a sound temperament, or it's ancestry researched. This is why a backyard bred pup is only a couple of hundred dollars. Just remember like everything in get what you pay for... Remember also that registered breeders must abide by a 'code of ethics', backyard breeders and puppy mills do not! .....Make no mistake, backyard breeders and puppy mills breed for PROFIT not for LOVE.

We offer a guarantee to all buyers that a puppy purchased from us will be health, happy and typical of the breed. It is this investment that you are paying for, and the knowledge that you are also getting the 'real deal' when it comes to the quality of the puppy. For more information see our

Do you offer dogs on lease or in co-ownership? Yes, conditions apply. See CONTRACTS page.

Do you have conditions on the placement of your puppies? Yes, we require all clients to sign a Purchase Contract. This is to protect your rights to a healthy puppy, the puppy's rights to be well care for and our rights as the breeder. Our contracts are negotiable (within reason), see CONTRACTS

How do I order a dog from you? Fill in our PUPPY APPLICATION so that we know what you are looking for. We will then e-mail you an ORDER FORM. Fill this in with your requirements and contact information and once you have paid a holding deposit you will be on our 'definates' waiting list.

Is there a qustion we haven't answered? Then please-mail us at