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Specialising in Australian Mists
Top Spots in the Top End
Tagetarl are dedicated to producing quality, healthy Australian Mists. We have chosen this fantastic breed not only because they are Australia's first and only breed of cat,
but also for the outstanding and unique attributes that the breed posesses.

What is an Australian Mist
Mists are people cats...they love to be with you and involved in all that is going on around them. They are not overly vocal like some breeds of cat and are definately not couch potatoes.
Mist have a great sense of adventure and love to play and explore, even as adults. This quality makes them an ideal cat for a young family.
Being an intelligent and people orientated breed means that they are very easy to train. This quality also means that they are content to remain an indoor cat which is very important with today's council regulations (being enclosed is not only essential to ensuring your cat is safe from harm  but also helps to preserve our unique Australian wildlife).

Australian Mists are a medium sized, health breed with no man-made exaggerations.Mists are low maintainance, having an easy care short coat and are very clean.
Probably the most recognisable attribute of the Mist is their appearance. Mists come in a distinct variety of subtle coat colours and patterns which are quite unique to the breed and very individual. Their coat pattern is either
spotted (subtle spots on a misty background) or marbled (subtle swirls on a misty background).
Recognised colours include: brown, blue, lilac, chocolate, peach and gold. Mists have lovely large green eyes that are very expressive.

The Australian Mist as a breed has been around for over 20 years and was carefully developed through the infusion of Burmese, Abyssinian and Domestic Tabby foundation stock.
Careful selection for type, temperament and coat patterning has produced our unique and only Australian breed.
Although Mists are only a young breed and are still rather rare, they are already gaining International status with several breeders now located overseas.
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