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This page has photos of our beautiful tropical property. We have lived here since 1978
Dog Training Area
View of the Garden From Our Front Door Puppy Training Area
A Cool Place to Unwind
The Weather is Warm all Year Round
Adult Dog Exercise Area
One of Our Outdoor Entertaining Areas A lovely Place to Just Sit and Swing
Bush Paddocks in the Wet Season
A Nice Place to Sit With the Dogs Tropical Gardens Garden Along The Driveway
...  At TAGETARL we Care and It Shows ...

All of our birds live in large spacious avairies where they can fly around all day and enjoy life.
TAGETARL all of these animals are our family pets.
In Australia these animals can only be kept with an approved Wildlife Keepers Permit.
These native animals were ALL bred in captivity and purchased from specialist breeders,
not taken from the wild.
Tiny Australian Bourke Parrots Snugglepot & Cuddlepie ~ both 10 years old
Bonnie and Clyde (Galahs) are both over 20 years old.
Ben (green) and Bridget (red and blue) playing with their new toys. They are a pair of Australian Eclectus parrots. Eclectus are poly-morphic which means that the males and females are different colours. Eclectus are highly intelligent and known for their talking ability and cognitive reasoning. Ben and Bridget were handraised in captivity and were born in 2009.
Paulie the Rainbow Lorikeet playing with his new wheel. Paulie is about 7 years old and he is a real character...but be careful...don't try and take his toys away or he will have something to say about that. Paulie keeps us entertained for hours, he calls Steve by name, barks like a dog and knows a multitude of entertaining noises and phrases.
Meet Sydney or  'Syd'  for short...Syd is an Australian Superb Parrot. At the moment Syd is just a baby, about 4 months old in these photos.
As Syd matures he will change colour quite dramatically. He will get a bright yellow crown and chest and a red band around his neck....it will be very interesting to watch this happen.
Syd was handraised in Sydney and is already proving to be quite a personality and very chatty.
Syd as a baby
These birds are just a few of the native parrots
that we have here in Australia.
Australia is known as 'the land of parrots'
and this is certainly true.
Syd developing his adult plumage