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Platinum Partners are people who exhibit TAGETARL dogs, or are using our dogs within their breeding programme.
These people are acknowledged here as pivotal members of
Team Tagetarl.

Platinum Partners are like minded people who all share the same common interest
and love for one or more of the Australian Breeds that we promote.

These people have the best interests of the breed/s at heart and strive to promote
the breeding and/or exhibition of these breeds in a public forum.

Our Platinum Partners endeavour to make the most of every opportunity to promote the virtues of our breeds to the wider public and through this, help to educate people and remove any misconceptions surrounding both our breeds and purebred dogs in general.

If you see any of our partners ringside stop and have a chat...
Carol N.T.
Steve N.T.
Caroline N.T.
Roberta Qld.
Ashlea N.T.
Tiffany N.T.
Nicole Old.
Linda Vic.
Gary Vic.