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Steve Beckett
Carol Beckett
We have been resident owners of our Darwin property since 1978
TAGETARL KENNELS is owned by Steve and Carol Beckett.
Steve and Carol were married in 1989 and are blessed to have a son James and a daughter Ashlea.

Breeding quality dogs has been our passion since 1987.  We also enjoy competative sports.
Steve has coached Rugby, Soccer and AFL. Carol coached Sports Acrobatics at National level for 8 years. Carol is a level two judge and coach and has taken the N.T. representative team to interstate
National Championships as a coach and team manager on four occassions.
Some photos of her level 7 women's pair team competing at Nationals in Sydney are below.
Steve is a butcher and manages a multi million dollar p/a department. Carol is a Secondary Science teacher, so they make a formidable team when it comes to breeding or judging dogs. Carol has a strong theoretical knowlege and a natural eye for a dog. Being a butcher, Steve has a practical ' feel ' for structure, muscle definition and conformation.  Whilst they do not always agree on the same dog, the end result is usually the same.
With soundness being foremost in their decision-making process.
Steve and Carol provide a good sounding board for each other by working as a collaborative team and have achieved some outstanding results.
There is no doubt that if they had worked independant of each other,
TAGETARL would not be as strong as it is today.
Both Steve and Carol are independant, headstrong people but they help to keep each-other grounded by providing the occassional 'reality check'.
Our association with Australian Cattle Dogs began when we purchased our first dogs in 1987. We then went on to buy a Stumpy in 1991.
In 1994
Silkies were added and in 1998 we acquired our first Australian Terrier thus completing our Australian ' Cattle Dog ' and ' Terrier ' status.
We have bred CHAMPIONS in all four breeds.We also added
Australian Mists, the only indigenous cat breed in Australia to our family in 2008.

We are situated on 5.5 acres of land in Darwin in the Northern Territory. The climate here is tropical. We only have two seasons. A very humid 'wet season' and a contrastingly dusty 'dry season'. The average temperature variation is only minimal all year, from about 30-36 degrees C.
We live in ' Crocodile Dundee ' country with all the wonders of nature on our doorstep.

TAGETARL is one of only a handful of kennels in the world who can consistently offer all four colours of Cattle Dog; blue, blue speckled, blue mottled and red speckled.
Over the years we have titled well over
70 individual Australian Champions. We are the first and only kennel in the N.T. to have owned and trained a dual titled Cattle Dog,
who excelled not only in the show ring but at obedience as well.We are the kennel that pioneered Australia's rarest breed, the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog in the N.T.
Owning the first Stumpy on the full register, Kakadutara Rhythm Blues (now deceased).

TAGETARL Kennels have bred over 150 litters consisting of our four breeds. Many of our dogs are competing successfully in the conformation ring throughout Australia.
We also have Cattle Dogs and Stumpies working on cattle stations throughout the N.T. Queensland and Western Australia.

At present our aim is to continue breeding and showing top quality AUSTRALIAN dog breeds.

Steve is a licensed Working and Utility Dog judge while Carol is a Toy and Working Dog judge. Both Carol and steve have fulfilled numerous judging appointments throughout Australia. We welcome enquiries regarding bookings for future judging appointments from clubs worldwide.
Please enjoy your visit to our website and if you have any questions or would just like to say hello then please feel free to email us. Cheers,
Steve and Carol
Ashlea competing at the 2005 Australian Sports Acrobatics National Championships in Sydney. Ashlea was coached solely by Carol.
It was a long hard road of 15+ hours per week training to reach this elite level within the sport.
James and Kayley 2009 Ashlea and Daniel 2009
Ashlea and partner Nicole, possing for the camera infront of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
James Scuba Diving at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. Both James and Ashlea have their Advanced Diving License
James playing Australian Rules Footbal (AFL) for Sourthern Districts F.C.
'Crocs'. Just about to kick
Steve and Carol, with the huge
Jewies that they caught in 2010
out from Darwin Harbour.
This was a full day fishing with
our friends Steve and Cheryl Compain aboard one of their boats

"Guess what Steve... Mine is bigger than yours."
"Yeah well...so what...mine looks prettier."