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He is super easy to train and enjoys training activities - he is programmed to pleaase. Every morning he goes in the car and drops Ruby off to school and he now walks very well on the lead. For a puppy he is very sensible and brave when out walking! He has surpassed all our expectatonss and we just love having an ACD in our family. Thanks for making all this possible.     Coralie Nichols
                                                                    SUNNY the ACD
Hi Carol - thought you might like to hear an update on "Rocket Man" the puppy that we purchased from you nearly three weeks ago. We feel like he has been with us forever - he has settled in beautifully. Our daughters re-named him Sunny. He is already house trained and will come when called and sit on demand. On the first night we had him he settled down with our Spaniel and we didn't hear a squeak from him til morning - he has been the perfect boy since his arrival. He has the most wonderful personality - laid back and calm.
Happy Owners of a TAGETARL Puppy - if you would like to be added to this page, send us a happy snap and a bit about your lovely pup.
                                                      LILLY the ACD
Hi Carol, I have my precious little bundle of joy. , she is adorable, I named her Lillly, I love her to bits, thank you SOOOO much for this beauty. She settled right in. Had a bit of a shock last night, I think coz  the Muswellbrook show was on and the fireworks scared her a bit so I brought her inside till they were finished. She has been told who is the boss by my Pomeranian, so funny, Lilly just wants to play but Pooky isn't having a bar of it, HA HA. We have been playing fetch the ball this morning and Lilly is very efficient at emptying her water bowl so it now has a brick in it.  
Nunya Zimmer, NSW, Australia
                                              DENIM and LACE both ACDs
Hi James and Carolwyn, I am writing to order another pup. We presently
have one of your bitches 'Lace' (Tagetarl Laced Lightning) 09/08/96
she is 12 1/2 years old now and has been a loyal and true friend to the family. We would love to get another bitch while we still have her to be a good teacher. We also had another from you 'Denim' (Tagetarl Denim) 18/12/00. He was beautiful but unfortunately came out the worse after a dispute with a brown snake...he was 5 when he died...very sad.
Allison Taylor and Rod Tonkin. Queensland
                                                             ANZAC the ACD
Thanks guys, he (Anzac) is very well, already housetrained and women keep pulling us up on our walks. Yes he is a very attractive dog indeed and good job guys.  When we have breakfast Anzac scoots into the children's bedrooms, pulls off the covers and barks till they get up. We reckon it's bliss not having to listen to the kids complain about getting
out of bed. Anzac just knows when its brekky it's time to get up.
Again thank you and we will see ya when we see ya.
Cheers, Larissa and Gene Hill
                                                  WILLOW the ACD
Hi Steve and Carol, we are really enjoying Willow!
She has settled in extremely well and has the most wonderful personality.  We are very pleased with the quality of her breeding. We could not be happier. Best regards,
Mal and Liz Reinhard, NSW
                                                   QUIGLEY the ACD
He is now two and a half and a very good looking boy.
Loves riding (secured) in the back of the ute.
He has become a very good 'watch' dog - took him a while to grow up but now he has it down pat.
Kathryn Ansell
                                                   JESSIE KING the ACD
Hi Carol, we have decided to call her Jessie King. She is almost responding to it to it. We have fallen madly in-love and she is proving to be a gorgeous cheeky little girl, very smary and sleeping though the night (hallelujah), making a very efficient alarm clock at 6am. 
Thanks for your help and advise, we are really enjoying our new baby girl
Clare Louise
                                                BOB the stumpy
Hi Carol, Just writing to update you on the blue Stumpy male which we named Bob.
He is a fantastic dog, always wants to be with you,
swimming, playing ball and riding in the ute.
Thank you very much, kind regards,
Penny Grenville W.A.
                                                               MILLY the ACD
She (Milly) is totally awesome. Milly is now 5.5kg and expanding by the day. She learns very quickly and listens to me. It's great to have someone doing that. She is looking forward to the opening of the barramundi season. Will send a photo with her first barra.
Alan Gurney, Queensland
                                             TED the ACD
He is going great. We decided on Ted for his name. He is a little champion
and we absoloutely love him. I will send you some photos as he grows.
He is still a fatty and loves camping down at the river.
Clinton Whittaker, Katherine NT
                                                                           BRANDO the ACD
The pups a lilttle champion. He's settled in really well with basically no fretting at all. He has learnt the layout of the house and already has his favourite cool spots to lay down in, one is right under the air-con. inside. He's really relaxed eating, drinking and sleeping well. He's also clearly displaying those ACD traits that I love. He owns the place on day 1, he looks at you like 'Ive got my eye on you', and he hasn't balked or freaked out at anything, definately got no fear. The missus loves him to bits.
Jim Cryer, N.T.
                                                            PENNY the  ACD
Our wonderful and beautiful Penny spent 13 years with our family and there are few words that can describe her to everyone. Those who knew her, say that we were blessed to have known her...Penny changed our lives in so many ways...
she was so perfect...
Ray and Ellen Martin, Queensland                     read more about PENNY here
                                                       HOLLY the Stumpy
Holly is doing well and has lots of character. She loves running around the garden with us. She is such a delight I am so glad I can be home with her, she gives me lots of enjoyment. Everyone just loves her, she is so full of character
We will keep in touch.
Dot Costigan, Mackay Qld.
... Whoever said 'you can't buy love', was wrong ...
       ANNIE the Aussie
Thanks Carol for all your information.
Attached are pictures of Annie.
Kerry Mackay, Brisbane Qld.
                                                                 ROSIE the ACD
Carol, we recieved our girl yesterday with no problems. She is a delight and we have named her Rosie. Very inquisitive with a lovely nature. She has made herself at home already. Our other dog, Bindie is quite shocked by it all but gives Rosie just enough attention so that she is not feeling lonely. Thanks for everything, she was definately worth the wait.
Dave O'Brien , Gove N.T.
I again Carol, we are back in Gladstone Qld, Rosie is everything we hoped for.
                                            ELLA ROUGE the Stumpy
Hi Carol, well Ella made it to Cairns safe and sound, ohh she's a little cracker. You weren't joking when you said she was full of beans.
All we've done today is sleep, play, sleep, play. I love her already, she had no problems settling down at all. I just want to say thank you so much,
she really was worth the wait.
Mark Bonaventura, Carins Qld.
RUSTY the Stumpy Tail ~ aka Champion Tagetarl Stumpy Go F Gold
Hi Carol and Steve, just want to say that the time has gone by to fast for
us and hope its not too late to thank you both for sending us down a red Stumpy Tail pup to Melbourne back in 2000.
Rusty has kept us busy with home life and the dog show  world. We are more than pleased with what we have accomplished with this great red StumpyTtail Cattle Dog fromTtagetarl Kennels. Rusty has been a teriffic family pet and a wonderful show dog indeed. 2006 Go F Gold was awarded the Glen Iris Perpetual Trophy for BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW
at the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Club of Victoria Show.
That made my head spin for months. Then in 2007 I entered Rusty in
the Melbourne Royal Show and won runners up!
it was a lot to soak in but enjoyed the whole adventure while it lasted. 
Now Rurty is nearly 11 years old, we enjoy each day with a lot of fun!
Thanks to TAGETARL KENNELS for this Little Red Flame...keep it going.
Linda and Gary Porter, Melbourne Victoria
See more photos of Rusty on his own page  click HERE
                  DUSTY the ACD aka 'Dusty Darling'
To the beautiful people Steve and Carol Beckett from Tagetarl Kennels, thank you ever so much for my  puppy. Registered as 'Dusty Darling' I now have a pure Australian Cattle Dog...ACD for those in the know. My birthday present last year, and though I did have to wait, good things come to those who wait!
He ws better looking than a doll when we collected him and now is 9 months old and becoming 'the man'. Thank you soooooo much Steve and Carol.
Dusty is naturally very odebient, learnt from an early age how to walk on the chocker to heel, knows sit and stop. Jesse is walking him twice a day and they are very good for each other. Jessse turned 73 last month and could hardly walk ( knees) before we got Dusty. Dusty roams with 43 peacocks, 3 turkeys and half a dozen chooks, no problems at all.
Corrine Jarc,  Howard Springs NT
                              BRONSON the ACD
Hi Carol, just thought I would send you a couple of photos of Bronson. he is a lovely dog and very good natured, though he is hoarding all of Mum's gardening gear. Thank you very much, regards
Ben Middlebrook, NSW
Hi Carol, here are a few photos of Mia. Sorry it has taken me so long to get these to you.
She is such a beautiful dog...one of  the family!      
Jess Pitkin, Gove
                                                                                    PUMBA the ACD
Hi Carol, just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful Pumba. He is going really well., within the first three days of having him he learnt to Sit and Shake! We are so impressed with him. 
You were right, you can buy love :) ...We will send you photos of him he is really growing up 7kg already.
Jessica Blake, Palmerston N.T.
                                                                                DUSTY the ACD
Hi Steve and Carol, Dusty is 5 months old now and she is such a beautiful girl. She has the most lovely, happy and easy nature.  She is a pleasure to have and be around, very eager to please and absoloutely fantastic with our 7 year old daughter.   She is such a very quick learner, do you teach her to sit? I followed your notes (which i found extremely helpful) and did the sit instructuon once and she did it, never needing to be taught again. She doesn't wander and we never need to tie her up or lock her up. If we are out for any length of time we put her in her pen (again good advice), she always goes in when asked and stays while I shut the door. I am always impressed with her intelligence and sweet nature. I take the motorbike morning and night to feed the horses and she jumps on the back or comes with me. When i ride she waits and watches, never trying to wander.
She loves the water and our cows! We bought them in to drench the other day and she actually had a bit of an idea what to do, we were very impressed.
Dusty has fitted in so well with our family, we feel very lucky to have her. I will send some photos.
kind regards, Joel Koster
                                                                            SAMSON the ACD
Thought I would send some photos of Samson and thank you again for letting us welcome this amazing puppy into our lives. The decision to get a second dog into our family had been discussed over many meals, it was by chance I came across your website and sheer luck that the day I called Samson was available.Your love of the Australian Cattle Dog was refreshing and enlightening, which cleared up any hesitation in welcoming this beautiful little man into our lives. Samson is the perfect addition to our family. We are fortunate that no shoe has been breakfast, no clothes have been removed from the line, no major gardening activities have occured, although some toys have seen better days. He's adapted well into the family and adores our 7 year old dog Scarlett and loves to torment Pepper the cat. He spends most afternoons lazing at the beach, swimming and chasing Scarlett as he chases the ball (isn't fast enough YET). Samson was a straight A student at puppy school, talking out 'best in the class' and is learning a new trick daily. As you see by the photo Samson loves Scarlett and is never far from her side and he is a true Australian puppy and loves his vegemite.
Leanne Bennett,  N.T.
                                                                                                                        SHEEDY the ACD
Hello there, it's been a long time. We got a cattle pup , blue speckled male, off  you about 10/11 years ago. We called him Sheedy after Kevin Sheedy. He was the son of Mercury Rising, so you may remember him and us. We would love another dog just like Sheedy, as we can not praise him enough. His looks, temperament, dedication to us, protection and basically being part of the family. He loves us and I am sure he would die for any one of us. He is so smart it amazes us and he has the funniest humour, he cracks us up every day.

We got him before we had kids and he has had no dramas when my two sons came into the picture. I could talk about him for hours about how good he is.

He is getting old now, still very active and all that. I figure it might be good if we get a cattle dog now so Sheedy can teach his good manners and other stuff. We don't like the idea of getting a pup elsewhere as we know we can't get better than yours. (they are a longterm investment).
We really a male blue speckled again, but we know they don't just come along every litter. Hopefully you can help us out.
Thank you Adam Osborne, N.T.